Avalasia Fever Detection Systems

Avalasia 236IR Temperature Screening System

Monitor body temperature in crowded areas to quickly discover possible diseases or raised stress levels.

Non-intrusive and wide area efficient inspection & measurement system.

Avalasia offers a full customizable packet, with installation, training, and service.

The AVALASIA 236IR Infrared Body Temperature Screening System can be used for large-scale temperature monitoring in crowded public places to detect people with fever immediately, such as rapid screening of Novel Coronavirus, SARS, Zika, Ebola and other people fever symptoms.

The AVALASIA 236IR is user-friendly and reliable: A variety of alarm settings enables multi-point alarm and tracking to ensure no targets will be missed. It has built-in functions to avoid the interference of other high temperature objects. Alarming images or videos can also be uploaded to the monitoring center by the remote monitoring network for analysis and management.

The AVALASIA 236IR is an effective tool in order to contain virus spread and as a measure for prevention in various locations like airports, railway stations and other transport hubs.


Monitor large areas and large flows of people.

Thanks to an innovative introduction of a controlled black body in the line of view of the IR detection software we can monitor in a continuous 24/7 way.

No need any longer to hold the system for recalibration.

The incorporated high end black body allows very precise absolute temperature measurement under all environmental circumstances.

This means body temperature on 0.1 degree precise.

Our Software is running on a standalone instance, so we can integrate this software on the existing hardware platforms and incorporate the software in your corporate software management strategy.

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